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Dear Genners,

While researching the HERSCHMAN family, I found them in the UK 1881 Census.
The places of birth in Bohemia , written in Victorian handwriting, were
unreadable to me.

But Wikipedia came to the rescue! On this website:
there is a hugely useful alphabetical list of German & Czech towns. Just
pick your initial letter & scroll through.
I found mine - Weiten Trebetisch (Weitentrebetisch): now known as
Siroke Trebice

'This list was first imported >from the German Wikipedia in 2006; some German
notes remain. Since 2012,
hundreds of new entries have been added, based on a comparison with the
official list of the royal Austrian
post offices which were in operation in 1900 (or which closed earlier), each
with the corresponding District code: 91 for those in Bohemia (B,xy),
34 for Moravia (M,xy), 8 for Austrian Silesia (S,x).[1]

In 1900, the largest number of post-offices in Cisleithania was in Bohemia:
1434;[2] 656 were in Moravia and 188 in Austrian Silesia. In 2010, the number of
municipalities (obc=ED) in the Czech Republic was 6250.

There are also links to sub-pages with listings of the German-language
names of towns and villages in the 14 regions of the Czech Republic,
sorted by the Czech name.'

Best; Miriam Margolyes
South London, UK

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