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Julian H. Preisler

Dear Group Members:

I am trying to order a book about the Jewish Community in Teplice and the 600th anniversary
(2014) and Jews in the community. The book is available >from an online Czech bookseller, but I
cannot get them to respond as to whether they will ship overseas. I am hesitant to contact the
Jewish Community in Teplice as I have send many emails over the years to them and never
have received a response no matter if I write in English, Czech or German. Any suggestions as
to how I might go about obtaining the book. If anyone has connections to is the
information on the book:

Julian H. Preisler
Falling Waters, West Virginia
Researching: Bauch, Koller & Schor(r) >from Teplice and Teplice-Sobedruhy

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