Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Two important website resources now online–1905 Austro-Hungarian gazetteer and charges from the local railhead to Hamburg and le Harve in U. S. dollars #austria-czech

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Two very useful genealogical resources are now online:

1. Kendler's "Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon ...," Vienna Austria: F. Rollinger und Moessmer &
Schulda, 1905, 1314 pp. is now accessible in full-text free of charge and anonymously at as discussed in Kendler's Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon
Can Now Be Searched Online Free of Charge, "Gen Dobry!" Volume XII, No. 4 April 2011, pp.
2 - 3. and Updates on sources by Kendler and Vasmer? "Gen Dobry!," Volume XVI, No. 4, 30
April 2015, pp. 3-4.
The articles provide an explanation in English on how to use the website. 

2. Hamburg American Packet Co. "European Rates of Fare >from the Interior of Germany Austria
and Switzerland to Hamburg and Havre in Connection with Prepaid Passages of the Steamships
of the Hamburg American Packet Company," January 1885, No. 20, New York and Chicago:  
C. B. Richard & Co. 50 pp. Accessible in full-text free of charge at as 
discussed in The Rich Ones Rode in Third-Class Railway Cars to Hamburg or le Havre,
"Gen Dobry!" Volume I, No. 9, 30 September 2008, pp. 2-4. . The article provides an
explanation in English on how to use the website.

Edward David Luft
Washington, DC

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