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Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the uploading of new indexes
representing 5,240 more vital records to the All Galicia Database.
This searchable online database is free and available to all - at

1. Fond 701, in the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine, Lviv (TsD=

The following new datasets >from Fond 701 have been uploaded.

a) Borszczow Deaths 1872-1876. Fond 701/01/10. (129 records)
b) Kolomyja Births 1865. Fond 701/01/91. (113 records)
c) Husiatyn Deaths 1816-1876. Fond 701/01/35. (2,400 records)

We have been asked by supporters to describe our indexing work in the
Ukrainian archives of Jewish metrical (vital) records. Most of the
books of known and accessible Jewish vital records >from Galician towns
that are held in Ukrainian state archives are in the state archive in
Lviv (TsDIAL), in Fond 701, Series 1. There are also some books in the
Ivano-Frankivsk archive (DAIFO), of Jewish vital records >from that
same town (formerly Stanislawow). Gesher Galicia has been indexing
Ukrainian-held Galician vital records for the past 10 years.

The known Jewish vital record books in Ukrainian archives come >from 63
towns. [Three of these - Lubycza Krolewska, Rzeszow and Tyczyn - are
in present-day Poland. The others are all in Ukraine.] Of the 63
towns, Gesher Galicia has completed and uploaded indexes for all the
records >from 23 of these towns: Bialy Kamien, Borszczow, Brody,
Brzezany, Bukaczowce, Czortkow, Drohobycz, Horodenka, Husiatyn,
Jagielnica, Jezierzany, Kolomyja, Kozielniki, Mosty Wielkie, Nadworna,
Okopy, Podwoloczyska, Probuzna, Sambor, Tyczyn, Winniki, Zbaraz, and

In addition, some 90% of the very large batch of records >from Lwow
have been completed. Eric Bloch and his team of dedicated indexers
have been working on these records for the past eight years and are
nearing completion of what they set out to index =E2=80=93 over 110,000
records to date. They have generously donated these sets of indexes to
Gesher Galicia, which have been put onto the All Galicia Database.

Furthermore, Jewish Records Indexing =E2=80=93 Poland recently announced th=
they had indexed and put on the JRI-Poland database indexes for all
the records >from three towns: Krzywce, Skalat, and Sokal. They had
earlier also uploaded the records >from Rzeszow.

Gesher Galicia=E2=80=99s current indexing project on Jewish vital records f=
Ukrainian archives focuses on 14 further towns: Bolechow, Grodek
Jagiellonski, Grzymalow, Jezierna, Narajow, Rozdol, Rudki,
Stanislawow, Stary Sambor, Stryj, Swirz, Turka, Zborow, and Zolkiew.

Some of these, such as Stanislawow, consist of large record sets and
will take some time to complete; others are short sets that will be
done quickly. Several of these town indexing projects are already
under way. The Stanislawow records are >from archives in both Lviv and
Ivano-Frankivsk, while the rest are all >from Lviv.

Gesher Galicia has also indexed six out of the 10 Mosciska vital
record books held in the Lviv archive, and five out of the six books
for Lwow-Zniesienie.

2. Zbaraz index books, >from Przemysl State Archive, Fond 2256

Up to now, all the known Zbaraz Jewish death records - >from 1804 to
1942, with gaps in 1809-1815 and 1940-1941 - had been indexed and put
online, either on Gesher Galicia=E2=80=99s All Galicia Database or on the
JRI-Poland database. All the known and accessible marriage records up
to 1910 and birth records up to 1912 had also been indexed and put
online. The Przemysl State Archive has index books (not full record
books) of birth, marriages and deaths. To fill the gaps where full
records are not currently available, Gesher Galicia has transcribed
the relevant birth indexes >from Sygn. 2 and 4 in Fond 2256. In this
way, the birth indexes >from 1890 are now available for researchers
(the 1890 book of full birth records having been lost), as well as the
birth indexes >from 1913 to 1937. [The full book of records for 1913
has also been lost.] The Przemysl archive does not have the birth
indexes for the period 1938 to 1942. We have also transcribed excerpts
from Sygn. 7, so that marriage indexes - though listing only the
grooms - >from 1911 to 1942 (with a gap during the Soviet period of
occupation in 1940-41) can now be searched.

These are the newly uploaded indexes:

d) Zbaraz Births (index books) 1913-1937, 1890. Excerpted from:
Przemysl State Archive, Fond 2256, Sygn. 2 and 4. (1,875 records)

e) Zbaraz Marriages (index book) 1911-1942. Excerpted from: Przemysl
State Archive, Fond 2256, Sygn. 7. (723 records)

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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