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We have been searching our BLOCH, DZIEKIEWICZ, KWASNY, and RING lineage for
decades. Recently, my 1st cousin was diagnosed with leukemia and had to
have a DNA test. Last night, I was doing the online activation of my own
DNA test that had arrived in the mail, not knowing my cousin had to take one
because of his illness. As I was typing in the activation code this
information pops up >from my cousin via FB; "You might be interested in this
tidbit to help our genealogy... my 10 for 10 DNA stem cell transplant match
is Polish and works as a driver there." Now, we were always told that we
were German. Our research leaned towards something else, but we didn't have
documented proof. Our research also seems to disprove a great deal passed
down through the years. Do yourself a favor for your health knowledge and
your research - invest in a DNA test. My test will be mailed today and it
will be a long 6-8 week wait to learn the results!

Nancy Ring Kendrick
Port Orange, FL

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