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In Bohemia we know 5 Rousinov. The German names of this places were:
Morgenthau, Rausinow and Rousinow. Accordingly, these Bohemian locations
can not have been eponyms of the name Rausnitz.

It is different in Moravia. Rousinov was German Neu Rau*nitz (* = German
sharp/double ss) and Rousinovec was German Alt Rau*nitz. In both
Moravian cases with German sharp/double "ss" and that also does not match.

I think that the reason is because the old written German letter "d" and
the old written German letter "s" in volatile writing is quite similar.

Hanus Grab

Am 29.08.2016 um 17:08 schrieb E Randol Schoenberg <>:

I am working on Prague records and am finding endless confusion between
the RAUDNITZ and RAUSNITZ family names. It seems they are used
interchangeably. In the book by Petrusova and Putik on the 1748-49
family census, they don't even have the name RAUSNITZ, only
RAUDNITZ. But in Hock's book on the old Prague cemetery, there
is RAUSNITZ. I am looking at the later 1792-4 census, Wolschan cemetery
records, Familianten, birth, marriage and death records, conscription
records, etc. and it seems as if some people are listed as RAUSNITZ in
one place and RAUDNITZ in the other. Is this just a result of copying
errors, or are the names really the same? I thought that RAUSNITZ came
from the town of Rousinov (there's a small one near Rakovnik in
Bohemia, the one in Moravia was known as Neu Rausnitz), and RAUDNITZ
from Raudnice nad Labem.
Does anyone else have an explanation?

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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