Re: which company's test to use? #dna

Mark Strauss

I'd also recommend starting with Ancestry, and then for a small
additional charge, you can transfer the results to Family Tree DNA
(FTDNA). You can also upload the results to, which is a
free site that lets you compare results >from all the testing services.
Ancestry doesn't let you compare chromosome segments, but the other
sites do; and it's easy to download your ancestry results. It's also
best to have the largest group who have tested as a basis for
comparison. In addition to Ancestry and FTDNA, I have also tested at
24+Me, and have made major genealogy discoveries on all three sites.
Two years ago, I wrote an article in AVOTAYNU on how I have used DNA
results to reconnect family. Email me if you would like a copy.

Mark E Strauss

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