Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Help Needed on Stumbling Stones (Stolpersteine) for Tesin and Pilsen #austria-czech

Sheldon Rabin

Does anyone have experience with how to navigate the process for laying Stumbling Stones or
Stolpersteine in the Czech Republic? My cousin in the UK will welcome any guidance so she
can lay Stumbling Stones outside the pre-war addresses of deportation in Tesin and Pilsen of
her grandfather and his brothers. She has information on an address >from their former insurance
company >from 1928, which still must be confirmed. Then she
will need their dates of deportation/death/destinations, which will have to be authenticated.
And finally, of course, there is the task of dealing with the city administrations and their
bureaucracies in order to obtain the required permissions, etc.
It is a bit daunting, and she and her daughter are planning to travel there in April. Any
suggestions and "lessons learned" will be most appreciated.

Thank you.
Sheldon Rabin

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