Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Isac Ignacz PICK from Pecek or Golsch-Jenikau? #austria-czech


Gary Binetter enquired as to whether Ignatz Pick was born in Goltsch
Jenikau or in Pecek.

Ignatz's marriage & Birth are recorded in the Golcuv Jenikov Jewish
Birth is in HBMa378 here:

Marriage is in HBMa383, on these pages ( the left hand & right hand
pages are separated as is quite common in these registers:
Left hand page:
Right hand page:

I cannot decipher withcertainty the exact village in which he is born,
but no doubt someone more skilled in German can decipher it. It is on
both birth & marriage records.

In all cases like this I recommend to start with a search on
(free to use for basic members). Ignatz (Ignaz) & wife & children were
already on the tree. Though, I have added the names of his parents
there is more that could now be added >from the Golcuv Jenikov registers.

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England

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