Re: which company's test to use? #dna

Sarah L Meyer

I strongly recommend FTDNA for the following reasons:
1) It keeps the sample so there is no need to re-sample if later you decide
to do a Y test (Men only) or an mtDNA test.
2) It uses a cheek swab, which is much easier to get right the first time,
especially if you are doing an elderly person
3) It is on sale now for $59 for Family finder and there are coupons out
there for Y tests
4) It has a chromosome browser so that you can see where your match matches
you (and any known cousins that have tested)
5) It does have the capability of adding a family tree
I have tested at both FTDNA and Ancestry.
Ancestry does not have a chromosome browser and only relies on public trees-
and for many of us, there are few out there - and they tend to be small.
In either case one can upload to and get the top matches from
all the three main companies. That is free.
Ancestry seems to go lower on the amount of DNA required to call a person a
match. Certainly it is lower at the distant end of the match list than
FTDNA and even FTDNA will count more segments into the total than some of
the experts would include.

Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown Texas

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 12:30:21 -0500 (EST)

Mark E Strauss wrote that he recommend starting with Ancestry, and then for
a small additional charge, you can transfer the results to Family Tree DNA
(FTDNA) as well as, which is a free site. However he did not
mentioned the latest to enter the field, MyHeritage DNA. You should also
upload your autosomal DNA test results to them.

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