New FTDNA Geographic Group #dna

Peter Dreifuss

My name is Pete Dreifuss and whereas I am not new to genealogy or
genetic genealogy, but I am a new member of the group. One of my
interests include the Jews of the Baden plain lying between the Rhine
River and the Black Forest in the former Grand Duchy of Baden (now
part of Baden-Wuerttemberg). Many of the Jews moved to the small
villages in the area (including Altdorf, Schmieheim, Rust, Ettenheim,
Friesenheim, Kippenheim, Lahr, Nonnenweiler, Orschweier, Rust and
Kenzingen) in the 18th century, up to a hundred years before most Jews
adopted surnames.
To this end, I recently formed a project in FTDA (Upper Rhine Jewish
Origins) which among other goals, aims to explore geographic origins
of them prior to this time. We also can seek genetic ties between
members based on these common origins. Please consider joining us if
you know or believe that your ancestors did live in the area.
As a new project administrator, I may need to further develop ideas
that haven’t yet surfaced. I do not require an authorization to join,
but I would like a brief email regarding your connection to the area
(name of ancestor(s), maternal or paternal connections, time period.
If you have suggestions or ideas please let me know.
Pete Dreifuss
Burtonsville. MD USA

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