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After some years away, I am updating my family history, the descents >from the
Podwinetz family of Jung Bunzlau.
At the urging of Randy Schoenberg, I had posted what I had on GENI which,
through the work of others, has created questions.
My original research was undertaken in Prague and in Mlada Boleslav using
original documents in the State Archives as well as the microfilms in the
National Archives.=A0 As it was my first time dealing with "old German"
paleography I am certain I have errors.
I would appreciate any help with the following dilemma - the case of too many Seligmans.

Selignman/Susskind HAUROWITZ son of Jakob, married Sara PODWINETZ in 1797
(Date?). They had at least three sons: Jacob, David and Litmann.
only have the DOB for Litmann, 28 July, 1807.

Jacob married Rebekah KOHN. They had a son named Seligman, born in Jung
Bunzlau on the 23rd of March 1825. Nothing further known about him or
his parents.
David married Anna STONITZ? Their second son, Seligman (Sigmund?) was
born in Jung Bunzlau on the 16th of May, 1836. My research shows him
marrying Karoline STEIN for whose death I have conflicting information.
GENI does not agree with me.
Litmann Rubin married twice: 1 to Rosalia LEVADI on the 30th of November 1827.
They had one son: Seligmann, born on the 20th of December 1833.
My research shows no further information.
Littman Rubin married secondly, Katharina SCHILLER on 13 December 1838.
They had a son named Sigmund, born on the 24th of July, 1840. My research
shows him marrying someone named Karoline. Is this a confusion with
Seligman the sone of David?

Unfortunately, GENI does not always provide sources.

I would appreciate any help.

Peter G. Bakos (son of Piroska PODVINECZ) Searching PODWINETZ (and variations thereof)
HAUROWITZ, GOLDBERG and GLOGE >from Jung Bunzlau/Mlada Boleslav

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