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Dear SIG,

Philip Moravcik asked about a map of Prague with the house numbers >from circa 1942.
I don't know any such map >from that year.

However, there is an on-line map >from 1938 showing the house conscription numbers
(white text on red background). These are the most reliable numbers to use, i.e., the numbers
that do not generally change for as long as the house exists.

The Nazis changed many street names and reformed the house orientation numbers (white
numbers on blue background), i.e., the ordinal number of buildings in a street in 1940.
However, the conscription numbers remained the same.

The Communist city administration fiddled with/changed a few buildings here and there in the
early 1950's and redrew the district boundaries twice between 1949 and 1960, just to make
things more interesting, but I've only encountered a couple such cases in Vinohrady in the course of 15 years research.

Here is the link to the overview of the map. It has 74 individual section pages.

If you run into any trouble identifying a building/address today, write me and I will do my best
to help you with it.

All the best,


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