Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Looking for ANY info on my Great Grand Father Abraham Salata DOB: around 1850-1870 #austria-czech


My great grand father Abraham Salata (Avrom Ben Chaim) point of origin not known.

He as born around 1850-1870 and spoke Ladino, Russian and Polish. May have
either arrived (himself) or been the offspring of newly arrived Sepharadim.
Family was well known in Saloniki until World War II
Abraham is said to have started out >from Tifilis >from where he migrated West.
He was allegedly a peddler who had a horsedrawn wagon.

His wife (Charlotte Federstock (Lotte) was also known as Leah Federstock) and him
arrived in the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (>from Kiev) sometime during the
1890's. They had 3 sons. My Grand Father- Chaim David (date of
birth 1898) in line was Meyer, and the youngest son was Roman.

He died of unknown causes at an unknown date while still a young man.
His wife and 3 young children somehow survived until she was able to open
a live poultry shop in the Ghetto. This business was thriving (1925-26).
At an unknown date she married a man who was considerably younger
than she. His name was Yakub Volkowicz. They had no children.

Thank you!

Issac Atzmon Salata

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