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My Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents were transported to Modliborzyce (near
Lublin, Poland) >from the Vienna ghetto
on the 5th March 1941. I have a copy of the transportation list. One aunt,
who was 12 at the time, escaped after 6 months
and walked back to Vienna with another lady; a distance of many hundred
miles. She is still alive today living in Detroit.

I shall be visiting Modliborzyce in August to try to trace the location of
the Jewish community there. I have found articles
stating that many died of typhoid and the remainder my have been transported
to a ghetto in Krasnik. I have read that the ghetto in Krasnik was
in 1942, and any survivors were sent to their death in Belzec.

Do you have any information, old maps etc of where the Jewish community
lived in Modliborzyce and what happened to them.?The synagogue still
exists today and is used as an arts centre.

Do you have a list of those people who perished in Belzec?

I would be hateful for any information.

Yours sincerely

Anthony Quentin

(Ealing London)

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