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I would be grateful if you could publish this in your newsletter:

Next week I am going to the Czech Republic to do some family research.
I am starting in Ostrava where my great-great-grandfather was born in
1861 and where as an adult he was a rum merchant and also owned an
inn. Then I am going to Krnov where my grandmother was born in 1903.
Her family ran a distillery there. After that I will also visit Kyjov
where my great-grandmother was born in 1875, as were her parents and
grandparents. I will also be going to Terezin, where many of these
people were killed. Finally, I will be going to Brno where my
grandparents and my mother (then a child) last lived before fleeing to
the UK. Has anyone visited any of these places? I am looking for any
tours that would take in the Jewish history of these towns?

Felice Hardy

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