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Dear Siggers,
I have sad news for the many Singers whose lives were touched by Pavel Kral/Kalmar.
Pavel survived the Holocaust of Slovakian Jews in Bytca as a teen age resistance
fighter, and then made it his life's work to insure that the Jews of Bytca would not be forgotten. He self-published a comprehensive =
illustrated record of the city's Jewish community and their
history, which was translated into four languages. Copies have become
part of the Yad Vashem and United States Holocaust Museum archives, and
are available there for researchers.
Pavel also created a mins-boggling documented genealogy of the
Kalmar/Kohn and Leimdorfer families, going back to the 16th century. It
has become an invaluable resource for for researchers of
Austrian/Hungarian origin. He also had a website, Webova Stranka Rodiny
Pavla Kral.
Lilot Moorman
Atlanta, GA
Searching for Schuller, Schueller, Frankl

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