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Henry you have posted about a search you have done but you didn't say which
collection you were searching? There are a number of Jewish record
collections that have now been uploaded to the internet and are searchable
online. You mention a name index. As far as I know the vital records
collection doesn't have a name index so I assume you mean another
Please tell us which one it is and we may be able to assist.
I know the vital records does have an English language explanation page on
the Czech National archive website that Lenka Matusikova wrote some years
ago. It's a fairly easy to follow how to use the online resource so I do
recommend reading that. I myself haven't used the newest collections she's
put online so I am not that familiar with the Familianten records for
example. I know she's working on adding some Terezin records to the online
resources but when we last spoke in Prague in May this year she told me it
would be a project that she won't finish until next year at least.
Daniela Torsh
Sydney, Australia

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