Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Waehringer Cemetery photo request #austria-czech


I am following up to let you know that my request has been resolved.
Wolf-Erich Eckstein and Randy Schoenberg each kindly sent me an image
of a transcript of Franziska Granichstaedten's gravestone. It is
quite amazing to me that these transcripts have been recorded and
saved, given that most of these gravestones are now destroyed or at
least unreadable, Franziska's included. The explanation is that,
sometime around 1905, Dr. Pinkas Heinrich, the archivist of IKG Wien,
inventoried the graves >from this cemetery and recorded some of the
Hebrew inscriptions >from the headstones.

Many thanks to all of you who helped me. With this help, I did
succeed in connecting Franziska to my Hungarian family. The story of
how I originally came to suspect her connection to my family is an
interesting one.


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