Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: austriaczech digest: August 20, 2018 - Yad Vashem pages of testimony #austria-czech

Odeda Zlotnick

Using Yad Vashem's pages of testimony:

1) In Chrome: Put the cursor on the thumbnail image,*right* click, and
ask for image to be opened in a new tab. It'll open in new tab. If go
to this tab and you place the cursor *on* this image and the cursor will
look like a + in a magnifying glass. *Left click*, and the image comes
out in a very good size and you can even download it using a right
2) There's a link in the text about the person, which says "More
details" - a left click on that gives you further information, and
bigger view of the POT, including the options of printing it, seeing it
full screen and the like.
3) While you're at it, it is always worth clicking on the witness's name
as well - you will then see if they gave further testimonies about other

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