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Was it customary for people to use the terms "uncle" and "Nephew" to refer to a first cousin
once removed?

My grandfather, Wilhelm Stein, identified himself as the nephew of Richard Stein, brother-in-
law of Henry Morgenthau, when he (Wilhelm) was seeking an affidavit >from Morgenthau.

In a second instance, Fred Stein wrote a letter of recommendation for his nephew, Hans Stein
(my uncle). In fact, Hans was the son of Wilhelm Stein, who was first cousin of Fred Stein.

In both cases, the first cousin once-removed, i.e., the first cousin of the father, identifies
imself as the uncle.

Was this just a matter of convenience, without the complications of explaining "once-removed"
or was this common usage.


Rick Glaser
Owings Mills MD

STEIN, Zderaz, Bohemia; HELLER, Zderaz and Dekov

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