FTDNA Sephardic Results Question #dna

Ben Forman

Hi Genners

Following the update of the FTDNA MyOrigins tool I re-analysed my
Paternal Family's results and found that one of my dad's cousins (1st
cousin once removed) came out as 8% Sephardic, this didn't entirely
surprise me since she had the highest amount of South and Eastern
Mediterranean under the old results. I have my dad, his brother and 3
cousins in FTDNA and the same plus more in GedMatch (transferred from
23andMe) I've previously run all of the family through the Admixture
tool and have received reasonably similar results for each, so I was

- Does anyone know on what basis the new MyOrigins tool recognises
Sephardic DNA and who the reference populations are
- Is there a way of using the GedMatch admixture tests tools to try
and isolate the most likely population >from which this ancestor came.
Accepting that it's more likely to come >from an ancestor of my dad's
cousin rather than any shared ancestor

Thanks as always

Ben Forman

Searching: BENSON: Hasenpoth/Courland;
BERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakiai; CAHN/CAHEN/WOLF:Zuendorf/Bruhl/Lechenich/Ahrweiler;
FURMAN: Kaluszyn; GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk;
SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen;

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