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Selma Sheridan

Dear fellow researchers,
My cousin told me that her parents, Berl and Lina BEUTEL (or BEITEL) LEMLER
of Vienna, received an "Affidavit of Support" >from a cousin of Lina's
mother, around 1938. This cousin, Herman S. FISCHLER (not "FISCHER"), was
married and a furrier in Manhattan - that is all she knew about him. The
LEMLERs could not get out in time, and died in camps. Online, I found
Herman S. FISCHLER, a Manhattan furrier. The only way I know to link him
with my family is via this "Affidavit of Support". I have not found
FISCHLER genealogy records online, or a link to historical Affidavits. Any
help would be sincerely appreciated. If the Moderator thinks this line of
inquiry may be helpful to others, please post replies online. Many thanks!
Selma J. Sheridan
Oswego NY USA

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