Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech from ROUNDTRIP my mother's memoir about the camps #austria-czech

Helen Epstein

Thank you for helping me identify "Aunt Hella" in Birkenau in June of
1944 as Helena Sachsel >from Kolin.

Over Christmas that year, the women prisoners deported >from Birkenau
to Hamburg put on a "show" in the forced labor camp of Tiefstack.

It was written by "Annie," a journalist on the staff of the Prager
Tagblatt, who was killed in an Allied bombing a few months later.

Performed by "Greta" a former nightclub singer >from Berlin who married
a Mr. Kohn >from Prague

and "Zdena," an opera singer also killed in the bombing of spring 1944

If you have heard in your families of any of these people, please let me know.



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