IAJGS Presentation of Special Interest to DNA-Sig Members #dna

Mark Strauss

Dear DNA-Sig Members

For those attending the IAJGS Conference in Orlando, this summer, I
will be presenting a program that should be of special interest to
those with Hungarian ancestry or for those interested in exploring
how DNA research can help with family history. My program is entitled,
The DNA of Reconnecting Family: The Strauss Family Experience.

Starting with a tidbit of family history gained >from a visiting cousin
from Israel, this presentation describes how I was able to expand upon
anecdotal stories and verify with census research, newspaper articles,
and DNA discoveries to trace my Strauss family history back to the
1700's in an area of Hungary that is now southeastern Slovakia. I will
also describe lessons learned >from a heritage tour of our ancestral
village, Zeteny, Hungary, (now Zatin, Slovakia), and how by sharing
with others who were also seeking to know more about family >from this
area, doors were opened to new family discoveries. Finally, the
presentation will describe how by working with both Y and autosomal
DNA data >from the three major DNA testing sites, I was able to
patiently root out lost branches of the family that were divided by
the Holocaust.

The program will be presented on Tuesday, July 25, at 5:00 PM in the
Osprey 2 Meeting Room in the Disney World Swan Resort: I look
forward to meeting other DNA-Sig Members.

Mark Strauss
Researching >from Hungary and Slovakia: STRAUSZ, DEUTSCH, LEFKOWITZ,
Researching >from Lithuania: BRODY/BRODIE, MERKEL/MARKEL, ROUSUK, WOLF,

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