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Helen Goldsmith

My mother and her brother were sent as children >from Vienna to San Francisco
in 1939. Their mother was born in Bilin (now Bilina) in Bohemia.

After my uncle's death I came into possession of hundreds of letters
and photos that I never knew about. Unfortunately I never learned German so
am slowly working to get hundreds of letters translated to understand which
are most important.

One set of documents is tangentially related to my family's story, but I do not
want to see them lost and wonder if they might be helpful to others whose story it is.

My grandmother's sister married a man named Julius Zerzawy. His children had no
children and some of their papers ended up in my uncle's possession.

One document is a Zerzawy family tree starting at 1740 with information going to 1929.
The other document is a letter >from 1937 >from Hermann Zerzawy to Professor Samuel
Steinherz in Prague regarding his genealogy research.

I am not a genealogist, but I assume that there are people who would be fascinated
to see someone's attempts to do research at a much earlier, low-tech time. And perhaps
there are Zerzawys who would like to see this info. The only link to Zerzawy that came up
on JewishGen Family Finder was made by someone who had contacted my family years
ago when doing his own research and he was not concerned with the Zerzawy part of
the family tree.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I might share this info and with whom?

Thank you.
Helen Goldsmith
San Francisco, CA

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