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New vital records, Holocaust-period records, and Jewish taxpayer
records >from the 1930s are now available for all to search on the All
Galicia Database <>.

Stanislawow. Central State Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1=
- Jewish births 1817-1845 (4,211 records)

Tarnopol. TsDIAL, Fond 701/1/327 and 330.
- Jewish births 1820-1838 (3,194 records)
- Jewish marriages 1853-1858 (32 records)

Krakow Jews. Lublin state archive, Fond 618, Sygn. 1.
- Jews deported >from Krakow to Biskupice and Trawniki in Lublin
district, 1941. (46 records)
With thanks to Joshua Grayson for indexing these records >from the
Lublin state archive, and to Shelley Pollero for identifying them.

Szczurowa. Bochnia state archive, Fond 249, Sygn. 1.
- Jewish births 1906-1942 (303 records)

Various towns in eastern Galicia. Rzesz=C3=B3w state archive, Fond 533, Syg=
n. 19.
- Mixed vital records certificates (19 certificates)

Lezajsk - significant updates to existing record sets:
- Jewish births (index books) 1881-1890 (1,357 records)
- Jewish marriages (index books) 1877-1938 (1,239 records)

Jewish taxpayers project - original lists held at State Archive of
Ternopil Oblast (DATO), Fond 231/1/3008, 3009.
- Bialy Kamien taxpayers, 1937 (50 records)
- Borszczow taxpayers, 1936 (154 records)
- Grzymalow taxpayers ,1937 (145 records)
With thanks to Mark Jacobson and Eddy Mitelsbach for their continuing
work on the Taxpayers project.

Coming soon on the All-Galicia Database:
- Mosciska: Jewish Births, 1909-1924, 1933.
- Lwow: Jewish deaths 1941, 1942 (1,100 records >from two fragments,
covering a total period of around six months).
- Mielnica: Jewish deaths, 1820-1851.
- Jewish taxpayer lists of the 1930s >from Tarnopol, Brzezany, and Mielnica.

Also due soon, scans of many Fond 424 files, to be stored on the
Members Portal (the members-only section of the Gesher Galicia

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Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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