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Dear Administrator

I don't know if you publish appeals such as this but, in any
event, I think the subject matter is of interest to members of this


I am looking for help in publishing my book and I wonder if any Siggers
can give me any help with organizations or individuals who might be
interested in funding works such as this which shed light on pre-war
Jewish literary culture in Czechoslovakia, or be able to simply spread
the word and help me bring this important work to fruition.

This is the story of my father Tomas UNGAR, >from the small Czech town of
Boskovice, a Holocaust survivor who became the
more-British-than-the-British Tom Unwin, erstwhile intelligence officer,
United Nations diplomat and champion of the downtrodden.

But his whole life was a lie of one sort or another and, sifting through
a suitcase-full of dusty documents, I gradually came to the hardest
conclusion of all: it was possible to be part of the great Jewish exodus
and still leave a trail of destruction in his wake.

Was it a case of nature vs nurture? Did my father inherit his cruel
character >from his father, HERMANN UNGAR, the Czech writer and diplomat,
friend of Thomas Mann and Stefan Zweig? His story resonates across the
decades and contributes fascinating insights into the debate on the
influence of genes as well as insights into pre-war life for Assimilated
Jews in Moravia, and the Berlin and Prague literary circles.

There is more information on the project on

Any advice gratefully received with thanks.

Vicky Unwin

4 Parkhill Road
London NW3 2YN

UK mobile: +44 7788452333

twitter @vickyunwin=20

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