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Gesher Galicia has significantly updated the contents as well as the
descriptions of its online inventories >from three important archives,
or sets of archives, with Jewish Galician records: AGAD in Warsaw, the
Przemysl state archive, and the three western Ukrainian state

- AGAD (Central Archives of Historical Records)
There are two fonds of Jewish records at AGAD.
a) Fond 300 consists of bound volumes of vital records. Books are
transferred annually >from the Civil Registration Office (USC) in Praga
district, Warsaw, once they are so eligible under the law relating to
civil registration offices. The transfer for 2019 (with birth
registers to 1919 and marriage and death registers to 1939) is now
expected in September or October.

Fond 300 currently holds 4,101 Jewish vital record books - as well as
indexes of vital records books and censuses - >from 109 localities, all
but four of them in the eastern part of the former Galicia. USC Warsaw
still holds around 700 Jewish Galician vital record books.

AGAD has in recent months scanned the 30 books it received >from USC in
late 2018, as well as almost 200 other record books in Fond 300 that
had always been at AGAD but which hadn=E2=80=99t yet been digitized. Over 9=
of the books in Fond 300 have now been digitized, with the links added
to AGAD=E2=80=99s online inventory of the fond.

Gesher Galicia has significantly improved and updated its description
of Fond 300. All the current 4,101 books are now listed in our own
inventory of the fond, and links are provided to all the available
sets of scans. The revised description of AGAD=E2=80=99s Jewish records is =
and the Fond 300 inventory is at:

b) Fond 424
AGAD has a second set of Jewish records, Fond 424, currently with 207
files. Many of these are also vital records, but in loose form (such
as certificates and certifications of vital events). There are also
community records and marriage banns records. Most of the towns with
records in Fond 424 are >from the eastern part of former Galicia, with
a few >from western Galicia. There are also a handful of towns now in
Ukraine that were never in Galicia.

Gesher Galicia has scanned those files in Fond 424 with useful
genealogical information, and is making them available in the
members-only area of our website. Many of these scanned files have
also been indexed by Gesher Galicia. The inventory of Fond 424 can be
viewed at:

- Ukrainian state archives
The specifically Jewish archival material >from the former Galicia held
in Ukrainian state archives are is to be found in three archives in
western Ukraine (the area of the eastern part of the former Galicia):
the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), the
State Archive of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast (DAIFO), and the State Archive
of Ternopil Oblast (DATO).

Most of the bound volumes of vital records and censuses, including
index books, and loose vital records are held at TsDIAL in Lviv, in
their Fond 701, Series 1. A number of vital record books are held at
DAIFO, and one set of Tarnopol Jewish marriage records >from the
mid-19th century, as well as the 1910 Jewish census of Tarnopol, are
to be found at DATO.

There are 64 towns with Jewish Galician vital records in the Ukrainian
archives, all but three >from the eastern part of the former Galicia.
The records >from many of these towns have been indexed and put online
now. Gesher Galicia=E2=80=99s description of Jewish records in the Ukrainia=
archives is at:
and the inventory is at:

- Przemysl state archive
The Przemysl State Archive is an important one for Galician
genealogical research, containing as it does a large number of files
with Jewish vital records and community records, >from both eastern and
western Galicia. It is also the only state archive in southern Poland
with a significant quantity of Jewish records >from eastern Galician

Over the past two years, the Jewish material in the Przemysl archive
has been subject to significant restructuring. Files have been moved
between existing fonds, and much new material that researchers were
not previously aware of has been introduced.

The largest fond of Jewish Galician records in Przemysl is Fond 154,
with 70 first-level files, in which there are 1,039 =E2=80=9Cunits=E2=80=9D=
, or
subfiles. The first 68 files are town-specific, each one for a
separate Galician town. File 50, for instance, contains 28 subfiles
from Stanislawow, including material >from the Stanislawow ghetto. The
subfiles are of different types=E2=80=94vital record books or index books,
sets of loose certificates, lists of residents, and Jewish community

There is a surprise when we come to Fond 154, File 69. This consists
of 573 volumes, all of which are >from unknown towns. Nearly all them
are index books of vital records. We will have more to say later about
this set of books, previously largely unknown to researchers.

Fond 395 contains material >from schools >from nine towns, the largest
collection being >from the Jewish school in Przemysl itself. There are
20 other fonds of Jewish records, all town-specific, >from the towns
Dobromil, Jaroslaw, Jaworow, Kanczuga, Mikulince, Mosty Wielkie,
Oleszyce, Olpiny, Pomorzany, Pruchnik, Przemysl, Radymno, Sieniawa,
Skalat, Skole, Stryj, Tarnopol, Wielkie Oczy, Zbaraz, and Zloczow.
These town fonds existed previously, but new material has been added
to some of them, and notably to the fond for Tarnopol, which now
contains 328 files.

The description of records in Przemysl and their inventory is at:

We have introduced a new style for the display of the inventories
mentioned above. The online inventories can now be sorted as a viewer
wishes - by town name, fond and file numbers, or in other ways. Our
online inventories >from other archives - those in Bochnia, Nowy Sacz,
Rzeszow, Sanok, and Tarnow - are for the moment unchanged. Over the
coming months, we will update these inventories too in the new style,
adding, where required, new material or new links to scans.

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