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Bob Lenk

Thanks, Randy. For those who don't want to wait until the 25th, note
that most of the same data >from's database of victims can
also be found at

It is mainly, or perhaps totally, under the 3rd collection listed on
that page:
"Victims of the Terezin Ghetto and Victims of the Transports >from the
Czech Lands to the Ghettos in Lodz, Minsk and to the Labour Camp Ujazdow"

which redirects to:

There are differences between the search rules on the two sites, notably returns all matches beginning with the search key (e.g. a
search for "Kohn" also returns "Kohnova" and "Kohner"), while at you need to search for "Kohn*" to get the same results.

A huge advantage of is that it gives info about
survivors as well as victims. A huge disadvantage is that it does not
give you the document images that are included with many records on Both sites are very useful (when available).

The same data is also searchable at The
advantage/disadvantage there is that it is mixed with data >from many
other sources, mainly >from other countries.

It is great that we have such a wealth of resources available online!

Bob Lenk
Fort Collins, CO USA

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