mtDNA? #dna

Helen Gardner

Hi all.

At age 77, none of my parents' generation are alive now, and of those
of my generation still with us, virtually all have declined to do a
DNA test through various fears of one kind and another (mostly to do
with medical findings or on-selling of results, and even though I have
told them repeatedly that genetic DNA testing such as FTDNA doesn't
collect medical information, and FTDNA does not on-sell results they
remain unconvinced and uncooperative). Sigh! Oh well.

Anyway, I had my autosomal DNA done some years ago and as I read more
about it, I'm thinking that mtDNA might be of some help in the
absence of DNA >from most other relatives.

Is it likely to be worth doing, and who would you recommend: FTDNA,
who did my autosomal test, or Ancestry so I could get on to their new
super collection of data? Am I likely to get anything out of Ancestry
that I can't get >from GEDmatch?

Helen Gardner

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