Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Convention for Dates #austria-czech

David Lewin

Here the answer I had >from Jewishgen:

At 18:12 23/09/2019, Vivian Kahn wrote:

Standard genealogical practice, which is what
JewishGen uses for records, is to write dates
as 23 Sep 2019 etc. Those who send messages to
lists may use other formats and moderators have
enough to do without making such corrections.
Is your comment is addressed to those who are
sending messages? I agree that the American
norm causes problems, which is why I
don't use it in my records or messages.

So - it is up to us, the users to stick to an
"international" format irrespective of which camp we are in

I was also asked to tell Vivian Kahn where the
"misleading" dates are used in the Jewishgen data.

Can you help?

A healthy New Year

David Lewin

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