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Diana Holdsworth <dihold@...>

Thanks to Jan for her information on Austrian Citizenship.

Three days ago, I emailed the Austrian Consulate in NYC. They replied that
they would know more about the details of application next Spring, 2020.
They are working out the details of application. According to their email to me,
the application process begins in September, 2020. Someone >from the Consulate
then kindly telephoned and asked if I would like to be put on the email list they are
compiling so that when definitive information becomes available, probably in the
Spring, they can let me know. I would advise interested parties to email their nearest
consulate, let them know of your interest, and request to be put on a mailing list for
information. I assume consulates are preparing such information email lists to prevent
having to answer hundreds of individual emails, phone calls.

In the meantime, I am gathering materials that would likely be required, such
as my mother's birth certificate >from Vienna, any document that would show
that she was a resident of Vienna, Austria, that sort of thing, so
as to be prepared when the application gates open.

Diana Holdsworth

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