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Traude Triebel PAP, born 7 september 1879 in Tihany, parents: Ignaz Kohn and
Josefine Stern; Isidor changed his name to Pap 1898. at least he had a
brother Zoltan,(also Pap) born 1885 also in Tihany, married to Maria Kuthy
PyTwVMJNXA4xoeMAewlkezalSFV4-dEOXvOvXUE and sister Hermine born 1874,
married to Schwarz Ignac
5jHrkHfLCAe9PbRSMWehFtfm-Ums0DrSR645H7Q. Isidor was "Medizinalrat" in
Eisenstadt before 1923 up to 1938. he could flee to Italy, where he did
suicide. he was married to unknown and had a daughter, name unknown. she
escaped to England (found in the book "das Eisenstaedter Ghetto" >from Josef
Klampfer. Can anyone help to find out place and death for Isisdor and the
fate for Isidor`s wife and daughter? in this newspaper could be a marriage
announcement for Isidor (do not read romanian)
ahFFm0QEGDFN-3OWssSEbI99f8Ul1oLR1QHN8 page 3, left column

Traude Triebel
A-2700 Wr.Neustadt

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