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Robert Fraser

Hi all -

This is not a genealogically-related question, but I hope
the Moderator will allow it.

Like many people with an Austrian background, I know the
folk song 'Prinz Eugen der edler ritter', about Prince
Eugen, who is venerated as a military hero because of his
leadership of the Austrian armies.

My parents used to sing the song often. You can find it on

My Mother also, for fun, occasionally sang an 'alternative'
version, with what I think were rather lewd words. I can't
imagine what her proper middle-class Viennese family would
have thought if they knew that she was singing 'gutter'

If anyone on the List knows these words, please could they
contact me OFF-LIST please. I'd love to hear them again!
Please only respond if you actually know the words.

Robert Fraser
Perth, Western Australia

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