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Michael Fener

Hello my name is Michael, and this is a summary of my Belarus ancestors:

My Maternal Grandmother's parents are supposed to have been >from Minska

My G-Grandmother, Rose (Ruchel) KULIK was said to have been born during
1883 in Vselyub outside of Novogrudok. Her parents were Samuel KULIK and
Geyla Zelda BASHNIK. Samuel's parents were Abraham Lev KULIK and Bessie
(Peshe) BELLSKY. Abraham's father was Samuel KULIK.

My G-Grandfather Barnett (Beryl) GOLDBERG was said to have been born in
1875 in Korelichi outside of Novogrudok. His parents were Joseph GOLDBERG
and Bessie (Chana Belle) COHEN.

My G-Grandparents both came to America. So the information on my
G-G-Grandparents is based on what they told my Grandmother as well as info
reported on various documents. The info on my G-Grandmother's ancestors,
which goes back several more generations is based on word of mouth only. I
have not seen documents >from "over there", although I have not concentrated
on these branches just yet. I DO rely on the "word of mouth" info, due to
the fact that Rose's grandfather lived to be 104 and my grandmother's
oldest brother (who was born there) met him as a very young boy.
Unfortunately my grandmother's two older brothers passed away several years
ago so I have lost the opportunity to question them. Rose had an interest
in family history so that also (in my opinion) lends some credibility to
her information's accuracy in terms of names. I think that the dates are
less reliable.

I recently located another branch of KULIKs in California who are descended
from Itzchok KULIK, my G-Grandmother's older brother. Itchok's two living
offspring do vaguely recall hearing the same tree being verbally recounted
while they were children in New York.

If anyone has seen or heard of any of these names before I would be happy
to hear >from you.


Michael Fener
New York, USA

FENER - Hungary
FULEP/(FULOP) - Hungary
WEISS/(WEISZ) - Hungary

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