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Leonard Harris <cara@...>

I have just joined the Belarus SIG discussion group and am happy to be a
part of it. If someone has saved all the posts to this group thus far, I
would very much appreciate getting all of the posts prior to "RUBIN,
AINBINDER >from Minsk" (Tue, 4 Aug 1998 -- Joyce Peck <>).
I don't imagine there would be too many. PLEASE, send me an e-mail before
sending me all the messages so that I can tell you whether or not I have
already received them. And please, send them directly to
<> so that the others do not have to experience d=E9j=
vu. Thank you very much in advance!

(Moderator's Note: All the messages for this SIG are being archived. Very
shortly, you and everyone else will be able to search the Belarus SIG
message archives and view or print out any prior postings)

Brent Harris <>
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

COHEN - >from Gomel, Belarus --> Toronto
GINSBERG - >from Gomel, Belarus --> Toronto
HERSCOVITCH - >from Burdujeni, Romania --> Montreal
LAYMAN - >from Odessa, Ukraine --> Toronto
ORNSTEIN - >from Romania --> Montreal
PARADIES - >from Vilnius, Klaipeda & Skuodas, Lithuania; --> London
>from Liepaja, Latvia "
ROSENBLATT - >from Vienna, Austria --> Montreal
SCHULTZ - >from Vilnius, Lithuania --> London
SLAVUTSKY - >from Slavuta, Cherkassy & Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine --> London
SOLOMON - >from Suceava (formerly in Bukovina), Romania --> Montreal
WAHL - >from Suceava (formerly in Bukovina), Romania --> Montreal

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