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Dear JewishGenners,

I am trying to find out which ship, which port, my Ggf NATHAN CHEIFETZ
would have used to leave VITEBSK for the U.S. in 1909.
That is the year he supposedly landed in New York, with his family.

I found that the Port of Hamburg was one of the most
frequent points for people >from Vitebsk to leave from. Also
The Hamburg-american Steamship line did a big business in
steerage transportation. My grandfather came over in 1903 on
the Belgravia.
the Morton-Allen directory of ship arrivals,
cross-references by steamship co. as well as arrival dates
and can be of some help. Unless you can narrow the search to
a couple of months or so, you will go blind triying to read
the microfilm.
Howard M. Rensin, KC3D
3405 Shady La.

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