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Re: A lot of us are new to the Belarus SIG as well as being new to the
Internet and E-Mail and do not know what many abbreviations mean. Example
what is MIME?
Also you mention printing out a form on the screen in order to make
donations, by check, to Jewishgen. What form? How do you get to it? What
address does one use?
I am looking for GLICKLIN. My grandfather was Israel GLICKLIN. He came from
the town of Bykhov Mogilevsky G'bania. His father was Hershel Oreh
GLICKLIN,also known as Zvi Aryeh. ISRAEL had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Two
of the brothers;Sam and Henry GLICKLIN came to the United States and changed
the name to GLICK. One of the sisters ( Merke?) came to the United States and
married a man by the name of Epstein, >from whom she was later divorced. One
brother and a sister remained behind in Bykhov . It is believed that they
were massacred.
Sometimes people have a hard time getting the name GLICKLIN spelled or
pronounced properly so I am interested in any variation of the name: such
as; GLIKIN, GLIKLIN, GLIEKIN, GLICKLIN. GLUCKLIN, etc. Israel was a teacher.
I am interested in any GLICKLIN anywhere in the USA or anywhere in Belarus I
am especially interested in finding out what happened to Sam and Henry GLICK..
If you have any info on Israel GLICKLIN and /or on his 2 brothers Sam &
Henry GLICKplease let me know. Perhaps we can share information on the

Judith Fox

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