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Jerold Touger

Sarah Rivka PALEY, daughter of Moshe PALEY, having married Louis (Eliezer Ze'ev)
TOUGER and borne him five children, died in Brooklyn in July of 1912 at the age
of 32. Her death certificate gave "dementia paralytica" as the cause of death
and listed acute nephritis as a secondary cause. Her youngest child, Mary, died
several months later at the Hebrew Infant Home in the Bronx at the age of "1
year 1 month 1 day". Her oldest child, Morris, was my father. (My grandfather
came >from the Minsk gobernya in what is now Belarus. . . very probably >from
Borisov or Lepel; it is likely that Sarah Rivka came >from the same place or
nearby. They arrived in the US in 1904. They are both buried in plots
belonging to the Independent Lepler Benevolent Assn.) I am wondering if there
is any recollection in anyone's family of this Sarah Rivka, or of anything like
the events I've described.
Please note: to my knowledge there has been no communication between the
Tougers and other Paleys since 1912, so I know of no Paley connections other
than those I mention above.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Milton MA

TOUGER/TAVGER/TOGER/TUGER/TAUGER (various shtetls within the region
bounded roughly by Borisov, Lepel, Vitebsk, and Mogilev; also in the vicinity of
Ekaterinoslav in the Ukraine)
PALEY (only as noted above)
SADKOVSKY (Murafa or Mrachva in the Podolia region of the Ukraine)

Moderator's Note: Jerry, you may want to get the name and phone number
for the Independent Lepler Benevolent Assn. >from the cemetery. The Lepler
Association may have records and documents that would benefit you or others
who are reseaching Lepel. In addition, you might want to gather
information for this Association's burial plot and submit it to the IAJGS
Cemetery Project. If you have the surnames of all the people interred in
the Association's plot, you also might want to post them on this discussion
group for the benefit of others who are researching Lepel.

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