Belarus SIG #Belarus Re: Belarus Research group:How reliable? #belarus

Gayle Schlissel Riley <key2pst@...>

Belarus Group, I have used them for years and I am 100% pleased with there work,
you will be pleased too. They foot note every piece of info with the fond, page
and group #. It is typed and family tree layout. If I had a scanner I could show
you what you get. 5*.

Gayle Schlissel Riley

PS It does take time, months to get the infro

Elyauri@... wrote:

In response to an ad and a soliciting e-mail letter, I am planning to have the
Minsk Historical Genealogy Group research my KOOKIS family for a minimum fee
of $75 and up to $210 if they reconstruct my family tree. If any of you have
pursued this route please advise. I am concerned about their authenticity.The
memo I received was >from Oleg Perzashkevich, Director of Minsk Genealogy

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