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e. donath <edonath@...>

Will the Minsk project include the very small shtetlech of Ilya and
Huta (now Novaya Guta)? They were part of Vilna guberna, but are
now part of Belarus. My current geography is rather shaky.

E.L. Donath
Hamden, CT

Moderator's Note: I have requested a list of towns and shtetlech >from the
Director of the Minsk Historical Genealogy Group to find out just what is
encluded in the Minsk Gubernia project. I have also asked for a list for
Vitebsk and Mogilev gubernii incase there are enough people who are willing
to support that phase of the project.

Perhaps there is some on the discussion group that can tell us in what
gubernia Illya and Huta are located.

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