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Dan Checkman <danc@...>

same for me - if someone (like Schelly) could post this, it would be a great.

Dan Checkman

Geoff Shapiro Wrote:
I am reading a number of messages that talk about the Mogilev Birth
index but I have no idea how to get access to that database. Can anyone
be kind enough to clue me in?
MODERATOR'S NOTE: Everyone should know that the "Mogilev Index" is an index
that was found on one of the several LDS microfilms that contain vital
record registers >from Mogilev. The actual records are in the Minsk Archive.
While the records include both male and female births, deaths, and
marriages for 1837-1894, with many gaps, the index includes only male birth
and not even all years for which records are included in the index. Two
years ago Bella Nayer, a recent immigrant >from Mogilev, translated the
index and put it into a database. There were some technical problems with
the database and portions of the index didn't make it into the translated
work. I called Bella today (9/5/98). She told me she had completed the
index with the exception of the Russian letter equivilent of "U". She is
sending me a disk with the database. Assuming that the disk is in proper
format for the JewishGen database team, I will e-mail the file to them so
that it will be available as a searchable database which will be linked to
the Belarus SIG web page.

In order to get a complete index, it will be necessary to go through each
and every frame on about seven rolls of microfilm, translate these and
put the data into the index. This is not an easy or inexpensive task!

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