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I am trying to find my family name in David Gorodok as it was the last place I
actually have some evidence they lived there. My grandfather's father was
David Chaim Mogelever (spelling keeps changing) and family stories say he was
the son of Rabbi Samuel Mohilewer. No evidence can be found of this fact (by
me a definite novice) My grandfather Dov Ber (Barnett) who was born in 1873
should have known who his grandfather was even if no one of my generation can
find any facts. The problem is that Rabbi Samuel was very prominent and any
official information published on him does not have my great grandfather David
Chaim listed as a son. Very confusing. I really would like to find the link
because Rabbi Sam has a family tree of ancestors that would make my search for
a family tree much easier. But first I have to find David Chaim born around
1850 something. ALSO there are lots of Molivers in the US who claim Rabbi
Samuel as a great great grandfather and cannot prove it either. Could he have
been hiding an entire family. I do know one thing David Chaim was married
twice and my grandfathers half sister did marry into the Grenadier family of
David Gorodok. Quite by accident I found the Grenadiers of NY and they are
related and now part of our family. One fortunate find.

Bonnie MOGELEVER Pollack

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