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In my research so far I have learned that my grandfather Max BERMAN, and
his brothers were originally named KIRSHNER I found this on the back of a
soundex card. I then pursued and found further documentation of the name
My family came >from SHEPTOWKA, my GGrandfather LOUIS born 1858 married
Rose STANDARD daughter of Aaron. They settled in the Chicago along with their
children Mones (Max) born 1896 was a fruit dealer, married Anna DUBINSKY
Pinie (Phillip) born 1889 was a tailor married Ida SOBEL, Abraham born 1888
who married Minnie ROSENBERG AKA Lena, and Sol (I have no info at this time)
I believe that all the brothers with the exception of Sol are buried at
Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago Illinois. Sol I think is buried in the Boston

Arlene Gillett

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