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Bryan Polikoff <polikoff@...>

At 9:15 am 15/9/98, Jerold Touger wrote:
I recall seeing a post a few weeks ago >from someone who reported that family
members >from Belarus had first moved to Ekaterinoslav in the Ukraine before
emigrating. This was true also for two TOUGER sisters, Bessie and Anna, who
with their husbands (the former married Sam SCHEFRIN, the latter Max or
TOUGER) first moved to Ekaterinoslav and then (c. 1906) to Milwaukee. Their
naturalization papers indicate Borisov (Bessie and Sam), Novine (Max) and
Chachichove (Anna) as their respective birthplaces.
I am wondering if other people also have forebears who moved to
Ekaterinoslav before leaving Russia completely. Does this ring a bell for any
SCIFRINs/SCHEFRINs? Is this a common enough circumstance to merit further
inquiry by the SIG?
My late dad used to mention Ekaterinoslav Gubernia and it is possible that
his father and uncle passed that way before coming to England in the late
1880s. You are the only other person I know to have ever referred to the
place! I would be intrigued to know anything you can discover about it.

Bryan Polikoff

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