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Hi David et al,

About a year ago I was able to borrow the English version of the Book of
Kobrin through Interlibrary Loan >from the public library. It took about 3
weeks to get it and I was able to renew the loan period because in her
original request, the librarian asked for renewal permission >from the
lending library.

Sefer Kobrin was really fascinating. I went through it with a friend for
whom I was doing the research. His family was mentioned many times. Of
course, the nature of any Yizkor book is to mention everyone in town.

Gene Shiller
Denver, CO.

CHERNIN/CHERNEN: Dobryanka, Chernigov; Gomel, Vetka Belarus
ZUCKERMAN: Telsche, Kovno Gubernia
KALMEYER: Liepaja, Latvia
SKORMAN: Arizona, Southern California, Florida

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