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Pat Williams <spwms@...>

David M. Fox wrote:

I recently wrote Oleg Perzashkevich, Director of Minsk Genealogy Group
about doing some work for the Belarus SIG similar to the work they did for
the Bobruisk interest group. Please take a look at the following site and
go to the various links.

The data was provided by Oleg Perzashkevich. I asked him if he could
provide this information for all of the towns/shtetls in Minsk, Vitebsk,
and Mogilev gubernii. He said he could and gave a cost of $500 to do
all of Minsk District. I didn't think the price was unreasonable if it
included all towns and villages in what used to be Minsk Gubernia. I have
sent Oleg a message asking him to clarify this point.

I am personally committed to make a $50 donation to get this work done.
Are there others with ties to Minsk Gubernia willing to chip in to get
this work done? If there is enough interest, I will add this project to
the Belarus SIG JewishGen-erosity page and those you are willing to
donate to this project can do so. When we reach $500 dollars, I will
tell Oleg to procede.
If this effort works out, we will try and do the same thing with Mogilev
and Vitebsk gubernii.

I can commit some $$ also--think it's worthwhile for everyone.

Pat Williams

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