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Dear Belarus SIG members:

The Yizkor Book Project is on the move again. We had too much great news to
wait until the end of the month.

Despite a mind-boggling backlog, we have miraculously managed to put six
(6) new files on our web site at <> since the beginning of
this month. There are now 38 files on our site. Considering that the
first document appeared about a year ago, we have made tremendous strides
in one year.

Please check out these wonderful additions:

1) Babruysk, Belarus, presented by Don Mopsick and the Bobruisk SIG:
translation of the Historical Monograph and other chapters

2) Gorodenka, Ukraine: 2 entries are included: the table of contents and
necrology, donated by Mark Heckman and Norman Berman, and a List of
Victims >from documents of the Russian Commission, transliterated by
Alexander Dunai.

3) Kybartai, Lithuania: The Book of Remembrance of the Jewish Community of
Kybart, a special translation into English by the author of the book,
Joseph Rosin, for the Internet edition.

4) Obertin, Ukraine: List of Victims >from documents of the Russian
Commission, transliterated by Alexander Dunai.

5) Siemiatycze, Poland: The Scroll of My Life, written in Yiddish and
translated, edited, and contributed by Leonard Prager, editor of Mendele.

Thanks to Martin Kessel and the wonderful technical staff who have worked
so tirelessly to assist us with our tasks.

In a day or two we will also we making an announcement of our new process
for donating funds to the Translation Project.

Joyce Field
Translations Manager
JewishGen Yizkor Book Project

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If any members of the Belarus SIG have translations of
portions of yizkor books for Belarus towns, please post that information
on the discussion group and contact Joyce Field to see about putting the
translation on the Yizkor Project web site. Risa Heywood, our Belarus SIG
webmaster, will link all the Belarus related yizkor book entries to our

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