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My name is Anatolio Elkana Kronik, the son of Abraham Israel Kustanovich
KRONIK, who emigrated >from Lyuban, Belarus, about 1918, to Argentina. My
family lives now in Israel. I am living in Denmark.
In October 1195 Susan & Seymour Kaston, Richard Kustin >from the US and
Anni and Anatolio Kronik >from Denmark had a small family reunion in
Minsk. We visited the town of our ascentors Lyuban and found between
the remaining tombstones the tomb of our great grandfather and two
relatives in our Family Tree.
This was a amassing experience. The cemetery was in a deplorable
condition, but by some special reasons two corners were safe. One, a
very old part with tombstones with Hebrew and Yiddish inscriptions, an
the other one with tombstones >from the after-Stalin’s era, mostly with
Cyrillic’s characters and little Yiddish inscription, and well
preserved. We took pictures there and in town. The central part has
been violated and there is i very few tombstones left.

1) I decifrate the Hebrew calendar date as written in the tombstones of
Isaac, our great-grandfather, with te difficulties that te conditions of
MONTH OF THE YEAR TAV-RESH-AYIN-HEI. To the cipher 1240 (and always
1240) add
TAV = 400
RESH = 200
AYIN = 70
HEI = 5 and you get that the Gregorian year
is 1915
DALET of YIAR of (1915 + 3760 =) 5675 translated to the Gregorian
calendar says he died on Sunday the 4 of May 1915. This date is
suitable with our former information given by Malya Kustanovich
Terushkin( about 1917 ), my fathers sister, who now lives in the US. If
we assume that dear and old means about 75 years old Isaac Abraham
Kustanovich may have been born in 1840; and Shmuel Kustanovich may have
been born about 1815
2) and in other corner of the cemetery we founded the Yiddish-Hebrew
tombstone of NESHIMA (or NESHUME) KUSTANOVICH who died in Lyuban in
1926 and must be the daughter of JOSEPH KUSTANOVICH, and also
3) we could write the correct date for SIMA KUSTANOVICH. Born: 1909.
Died: 1 June 1977.

We also walked through the street of our ancestors. Lyuban was founded
in 1566. The SLUTZK IZKOR BOOK has about 40 pages in Yiddish and Hebrew
about the Jewish life in Lyuban, where about 600 Jewish families had a
long and difficult life conditions, and some, but well known
personalities. I translated into Spanish some pages, I could not do it
into English.
I am sending pictures of the town and the cemetery to the

We visited last year our 84 years old Malie Kustanovich in New York
and was able to register the sad story of our relatives

Malie told me a detail about the escaping march in 1941 when Malie, with
her 5 years old Elkana, her 3 years old Vladimir, 4 years old orphan
Masha Kustanovich and Sima with 2 years old Bashe and Mother Dvosha
left Lyuban walking during 3 months to Kursk. There was a two days
bombing. They took a train >from Kursk to Tambov in Russia, traveling two
whole weeks.
They staid in Tambov for a year: Dvosha died in June 1942 and little 3
years old Bashe died in October 1942. In November 1942 they moved to
Novosibirsk, isolated >from Chaim, who was working in a military factory
plant in Novosibirsk.
Lyuban was liberated >from the Nazis by the Red Army on 4. July 1944.
In November 1944 Malie, Elkana, Vladimir , Masha and Sima returned to
Chaim came back to Lyuban in 1946. Chaim was a soldier in the red Army
during the war, separated >from his wife Teme and their children Gynia,
Hella and Moishe, who end as victims of the Holocaust in the
Malie explained why we did not find Chaim ‘s and his second wife Zelda
‘s tombstones. They died in Minsk. The Jewish Cemetery was already
closed. They were buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Lyuban in 1989 and
Olga explained that there was two Jewish schools in Lyuban. They was
ordered to close in 1926. There was forbidden to speak Yiddish. All the
children went to primary school in Lyuban. Olga Goldina went to
Technical School in Pinsk and became a teacher and sport coach. Our
family main occupation was tailors.

There where other tombstones with the same surname:
SHALOM THE SON OF ELKANA KUSTANOVICH ,b: 24 April 1895 - d: 24 April
DORA KUSTANOVICH, b: 1899 - d: 5 July 1978.
CHAIM SON OF SHIMON LEUB KUSTANOVICH, b: 1893 - d: 29 November 1969.
LEW KUSTANOVICH SON OF MOSHE, b: 19 March 1901 - d: 25 Febr. 1982.
GENADA KUSTANOVICH b: 1908 - d: 1989.

We did not find the tombstone of the YAD VASHEM’ s registered
information about:
AARON KUSTANOVICH and his son JAKOB, killed by the nazis in Lyuban in
MORDECHAI, the son of JAKOB, and his wife where killed in PInsk.

When I was in Washington visiting the Holocaust Museum, I had the
opportunity to find in the library the SLUTZK AND VICINITIES IZKOR
BOOK. Lyuban is one of the 15 stetl vicinities. It is written there that
in the beginning of this century a Kantor >from Slutzk visited one of the
3 synagogues of Lyuban. He made a speech protesting because the people
of Lyuban carry their died relatives 23 km. (about 15 miles) with
horsewagons to the Slutzk Cemetery, through very bad pavement. This was
a ill-treatment that has to stop. He initiated a fund-raising effort
and succeeded to inaugurated the new cemetery, that we visited. From
hundreds of the Slutzk Chevra Kadischa records researched by the SLUTZK
HISTORICAL SOCIETY we have learnt that they where brought to the Slutzk
Jewish Cemetery >from Lyuban.

If we knew about this, we would certain visited also Slutzk. I am very
sorry about that.
We also both about 20 pages with data >from the Minsk Historical
Archives, I managed to convert the Census information to a " research
family tree" but we are not able to connect this people to our family
Tree. We are looking for the lost chain and probably some of you can
help us.

Other sources about Lyuban can be found in the book "REB MOSHE" - The
Life and Ideals of HaGaon Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, by Rabbi Shimon
Finkelman and Rabbi Nosson Scherman.. Mesorah Publications, ISBN

.If we could find some answer to our questions we will very grateful.
.Please email to

Anatolio Kronik


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